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This is the commercial strength line that competes with the best others have to offer. A group of machines that combines striking appearance with rugged durability, VR3 has been engineered to take the tough punishment a heavy duty commercial environment requires. And it works for the highly supervised gyms as well as the self-serve facility.

Cybex VR3 Strength Circuit

$25,400.00 Regular Price
$20,320.00Sale Price
  • This Life Fitness Pro2 Circuit includes the following pieces:

    • Chest
    • Abduction
    • Adduction
    • Bicep
    • Lat Pulldown
    • Seated Leg Curl
    • Leg Extension
    • Back Extension
    • Tricep Pushdown
    • Fly/Rear Delt
    • Lying Leg Curl
    • Leg Press
    • Seated Row
    • Shoulder

    ***Please note that pictures are not actual machines 

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